Saturday, December 29, 2012

Milkies All Gone

OK, a little ashamed when I see how long it has been since I've been here to write or post pictures of my little offspring. I've been taking plenty, its just a matter of finding (aka making) time to blog.

Tonight I had a conversation with the little monkey that I just need to write down. Might as well be here!

I just cannot believe Addie's language abilities recently, and how I can actually carry on a full conversation with her that makes perfect sense. You know, sort of, in a toddler sort of way.

We still rock to sleep here at night, and I'm not complaining one bit. Its my favorite part of the day, and I think I could do it every night for the rest of her life. When she is in college she can feel free to come back and let me rock her to sleep. Lately, though, she has wanted to sit on my lap facing out and be rocked like that, rather than snuggling and being "held like a baby".  She's a big girl, yanno?

Tonight I was particularly missing her after a few rough days at work and said, "Addie, how come you don't want to snuggle me like you used to when you would nurse?"

(P.S. Breastfeeding came to an official stop right at 26 months a few months ago. It was gradual, natural and super easy. I still can't believe how easy it was, I thought it would be a struggle and she would never self-wean. She totally did.)

This conversation ensued...

Addie: Snuggle and drink milkies (pronounced "mokies"), drink them all. Them all gone. 

Momma: Yes, momma's milkies are all gone. Sometimes that happens when you grow up and get big, the milkies dry up and go away.

Addie: I drink 'em up. 


Momma: You loved your milkies, you were always drinking them up.

Addie: Drink, drink, drink, milkies all gone. Daddy get some milkies at the store for your boobies. 

Momma: Daddy does get milkies at the store, but it is almond milk, not momma's milk. My boobies need to make their own milkies.

Addie: On the inside, be patient?

Momma: Maybe when momma has another baby someday, the boobies will make more milkies again.

Addie: My boobies make milkies.

Momma: Noooooo silly. But when you grow up really big and have your own little baby someday, your boobies will make milkies just like momma's did.

Addie: I feed my baby, nursin'. Drinking all gone, all day. 

Momma: Haha, yes baby girl.

She then sat there and patted my boobs and said, "I like your much."

And then she let me rock her to sleep. Like a baby, like old times. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

2 year old Addie-isms

Recent "oh my gosh how did you get so cute?!" Addie-isms...

OK, or really just things you like to say and do that make your momma and daddy laugh their pants off.

A boy in your class named Anton recently had a 3rd birthday - like a month ago. You continuously say, "Happy Birfffday Anton!" over and over randomly. Yes, a month later. You see a birthday cake with candles on it in a book? "Anton! Happy Birfffffday Anton!"

With someone singing along you can sing your whole ABCs but without prompting it goes a little like this: "A B C D...H I... EMOP... Q R S.. W X Now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with meeeeeee".  And even more hilarious is that she mixes up "Twinkle Twinkle" with the ABCs, which goes like this: "Like a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle little star, next time won't you sing with me."

Running around yelling in a deep voice that is NOT her own: "QUATRO, CINCO!"

When you saw the pediatrician for your 2-year well-child check up she asked if you were putting together any two-word phrases. Yes, you definitely are. And you showed her about a minute later when she went to look in your ears and you shot her a nasty look and said, "I don't LIKE that!"

You just very recently started using 'me' and 'you' properly at least from time to time. It used to be that if you wanted to be held, you said "Hold you" because you were pretty much just parroting us saying "Do you want me to hold you?"  After a lot of repeating back to you to say, "Hold ME" you finally have picked that up and are using it correctly in lots of situations.

You are now able to get your feet off the ground when you jump, sort of. Which is cute. Daddy says you have momma's jumping skills. I think that is him trying to insult momma.

The other day you called me "mom". For the record, baby girl, that is not OK. I am your momma forever and ever and ever, please don't grow up too fast. Mom just sounds like you're a teenager or something. ::cries:: You then called me "Momma Katie". Ahhhh.

It is still a nightly occasion that you fight having your hair washed/rinsed and your teeth brushed. Your only saving grace is that you put on your hooded ducky towel and go streaking around the upstairs, from one room to the next cackling like a crazy person.

When you get really serious, you grab me firmly with your sweet little hands on either side of my face and really “tell me how it is”. You also do this if you want to plant a big kiss on me. Which you like to do frequently – you, kid, are a KISSER! 

You're a social butterfly at school and never leave without saying "bye friend!" to several people while walking down the hall. You seem to have captured the heart of people other than us because one of the dad's of the kiddos in your class came up to me one morning entirely to tell me how much he just LOVES you. That you just have "IT", whatever that special something is.  

Today while you were blowing spit bubbles, daddy told you to stop spitting. Then he said, "what happened to your spit? Did you swallow it?"  Your response: "I eat it".  Daddy is laughing and says, "Oh yea, what did it taste like?" And what did you say? "CANDY!"  Yea right child, you've never even had candy. 

Your memory is astounding at times - now that you are communicating more, it surprises us every day the things you actually remember.  One day I was taking painters tape off part of the kitchen cabinets and you said, "papa paint!". Yes, papa painted those pieces of the cabinet months ago!  

Humpty Dumpty goes a little like this according to you: "DUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL! DUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL! DUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL!" You even know that Humpty Dumpty is an egg because when you saw eggs on the counter today you started saying it. 

All your expressions are super exaggerated. When asked for a kiss you do a big ol' pucker, when asked to smile you cheese it up really crazy.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Treasuring the Weekend

What does a relaxing weekend day look like around here?

Oh, you know, being naked on the couch and watching a few cartoons in the wee hours of the morning. 

Laughing at the silly cartoons!

Waiting patiently for our breakfast at Geraldine's Counter in Columbia City. Super yummy!

Watching with dismay as daddy spills an entire bloody mary on himself. 

Learning to color inside the lines. 

Hanging out at the mall play place because its pouring down rain outside. 

(Insert sweaty, gross picture here)
Doing a hill workout on the new treadmill because after seeing pictures of myself at intern retreat, that was all the motivation I needed. 

Date night!

Being fake murdered by a gigantic statue in front of the Seattle Art Museum.

Devouring all kinds of tasty, fancy cheeses and wine at the Four Seasons.

Good conversation in the candlelight. Ooh yes, romantic. 

I must treasure the heck out of these weekends while I have them! ::dread setting in::

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sights like this make the short, rainy days seem worth it. Seattle wisdom?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sleeping Arrangements

What? Isn't the leather ottoman where all parents have their toddlers sleep? 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Daycare Hair

You think I look funny like this?!

This, my friends, is what my child looks like at the end of a daycare day. Craaaaaaazy hair. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Decor Fun

Remember when I posted about all the home decor stuff I had been trying to tackle? And there was a big pile of frames on the floor in the living room? Well, it has still been sitting there. Collecting dust. Waiting for me to make an attempt at getting actually onto the wall.  

I finally ordered prints, and I had succeeded in getting those into the frames.

So, this weekend I made my inaugural trip to the Hobby Lobby. Ummm, how have I never been there before?! That place is wonderful, in a dangerous way. 


Seasonal decor!


I came home with a bunch of random things to add to the pile of frames. 

In an attempt to get things onto the wall, we taped up some newspaper. Because that looks so much like the actual frames, right? 

My little helper man doing the dirty work. 

Finished product, minus a few little frames that are crooked. Gah, that drives me crazy looking at this picture. 

I think it looks pretty good. I'm happy with it! And mostly just relieved to have it done. 
That frame with the hands and feet in it isn't finished. That is going to have each of Rob and I's handwritten wedding vows on the sides and a wedding ceremony picture in the middle. 

The front hallway also got a fall makeover with some pretty leaves and a new frame. 

And the entrance got spiffed up, too. Yayyy, pumpkins. 

And the dining room table got a facelift, too. Love the fall colors!