Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 232: "Cute as a Bug" Party

Today was the big ONE year birthday party!  All my "party planning" (aka running around and making decorations last minute and having my mom and sister make lots of food) paid off, and it was a really lovely party with good family and friends.  We are so, so blessed to have some seriously awesome people in our lives who love our Addie Bug.  Without further ado, I will get to the pictures. You know it is all you are here for anyways!

Everyone at the party signed the Dr. Suess "Happy Birthday to You!" book. 

I never got a really great shot of it, but here is my month banner. There was a photo collage of favorite photos from her birth and every month of her life so far. I loved how it turned out - if only it would have stayed hanging. It took a lot of duct tape and still kept coming down in the breeze. 

Totally adorable lady bug cake, courtesy of talented Auntie Kyla. 

Mmmmm, yummy treats.  

The birthday girl herself :)

She spent at least half of the party doing exactly this. Standing at the side of the big barrel of ice and drinks and grabbing ice and removing it from the barrel one piece at a time. 

"Oh, you want some ice in that cup? I'm on it!"  She continued with the ice even when her little hands were super cold. 

Dirt cups and worms, my favorite. 

Close up of the cupcake toppers. 

Addie Bug's Great Grandma Mary and her sisters, the Great Great Aunties! 

Uncle Tanner and Great Grandpa Dick

Erik and Jamie

Auntie Ky Ky behind the month banner

More playing in the barrel of ice - it was a big hit with the kiddos.

Daddy, the sandwich man. LOL. 

Ummm, huge sub sandwiches. 

Auntie Kyla was seriously the best, helping with all the food. 

"Bug Juice" - aka lemonade

Great Great Uncle Jack and Adeline having an in depth conversation about ice.

This is where Addie eats her dinner and slimes momma with watermelon. 

Who is messy? Me? Nooooo. 

Uncle Tanner was one of the only ones that would wear a party hat for even a few seconds. 

And it is time for cake!

When everyone sang Happy Birthday she looked so pleased. 

Seriously, she was so happy, looked back and forth between daddy and momma as if she was saying, "Is this all for ME?!"

Baby girl, make a wish! What do one year olds wish for? 

We forgot to strip her clothes off before cake, so did that quickly. 

At first she sat there staring at the cake, so we tried to show her how to try the frosting on her finger. She was licking her clean finger with no frosting on it. LOL. 

Hmmm, not sure what these crazy people want me to do. 

Ok, I'll try it. 

Mmmmm, not so bad!

"This better?" Love that messy face!

Too into the cake to pose and smile.

Can't shovel it in fast enough by this point, she was loving it. 

Momma is armed and ready with wipes for clean up.

We have to tag team her to get her hands clean, and then attack the face. Poor thing was SO mad that we took the cake away, and then even more mad to have to get wiped down. 

No worries, though, presents soon cheered her up.  This one? Her first baby doll from momma and daddy!

She was pretty interested in every gift, so cute. 

Not a very good picture of it, but Uncle Jim and Aunt Khristina got the Bugs a huge stuffed dog named Penelope.  She was a bit scared of it at first!

Want to open more presents, baby girl?

To go with her baby doll, she got a doll stroller!

She also got several Little People sets, including this princess castle building blocks set which she obviously wants to climb. What doesn't she want to climb these days?!

Ryland was quite obsessed with the new baby doll, and he wanted it himself. 

Oooh, what have we here?

Uncle Tanner reading to Miss Adeline

The loot! Thanks to everyone for being so generous!

Going for a ride...

She was having a ball with Tanner throwing her up and down, giggling up a storm. I LOVE this picture. 

"I love my Uncle Tanner!"


Getting her doll situated. She kept taking it in and out of the stroller, trying to get it just right. 

"Baby, you stay put."

Uh-oh, baby on the ground. 

Lets go for a stroll...

Baby doll buckled in again.

Annnnnnd, back out. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of this whole "motherly" thing yet - her baby gets held by her legs a lot, and dropped on her head just as much. Oops!

Grammy giving "loves" to the baby...

...and Addie giving loves. 

Grammy giving kisses to the baby...

Yup, Miss Gracers can give kisses, too!

Grandpa and Uncle Jim are twinsies

Aunt Ky Ky is pretty funny :)

The Hryniewicz gang

The Whitaker fam

Aunt Khristina and Uncle Jim loving on the birthday girl. Soon they will have a little one of their own!

It was impossible to get her to wear this hat for any pictures...

Pulling out on the string and trying to get the darn hat off, despite how hard momma worked making it look pretty. 

Uncle Tanner tries to get it back on, but she starts to pull out on the string again.

...and it snaps her in the side of the cheek :(

Which resulted in this face. So, so sad. I think she was more ticked off than anything, but still sad to see the birthday girl cry!

Wrapping up the party, Aunt Stacie and Babci hanging out. 

Somebody was POOPED by the end of that party! It is tough work being a birthday girl, yanno?

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  1. Looks like it was so much fun! I am so bummed we missed it!